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Reasons Why Customers Choose Big Toronto SEO Company for Social Media Marketing

Established and Genuine Marketing Agency

We have a reputation for delivering for our clients locally and globally.

Access to Industry Veterans

Clients get access to experienced marketing professionals and social media experts.

Full-Service Digital Brand

We provide all the social media services you need under one roof.

Customized Strategies for Every Client

Our strategies change based on the client industry and social landscape.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies

We offer our clients access to world-class professional social media tools.

Focused On ROI

Our focus is on delivering real-world results for clients, not just numbers.

Transparent Client Communication

Regular updates and reports ensure that our clients are always kept in the loop.

Positive Client Testimonials

Hundreds of positive reviews stand testament to our ability to deliver.

Strong Customer Support

Our robust support network ensures all queries from clients are addressed.

Our Step-by-step Social Media Marketing Process


Identifying Your Business Goals

Detailed discussion of your business targets and how we can help achieve them.


Demographic Research and Targeting

Understanding your business demographics through personas with unique interests, behaviors, and pain points.


Content Strategy and Creation

Planning for a content calendar that includes different content types, including videos.


Platform Selection and Optimization

Opt for the right social media platforms based on your business and target audience.

The full service we are offering is specifically
designed to meet your business needs.

Client Review

What are the Things You Can Expect in the Social Media Marketing Process

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Accurate Requirements Gathering

Experts analyze your goals and objectives and propose a social media framework.

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Tailored Strategy for Your Business

Develop a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your business.

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Solid Content Planning and Scheduling

Generate a content calendar with different topics and the teams assigned.

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Focused Community Building

Ensure content resonates with your audience to improve shares and build a community.

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Pipeline Monitoring and Optimization

Track metrics like shares, likes, and comments to ensure optimal campaign performance.

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Active Customer Engagement

Create a positive feedback loop to build customer engagement and goodwill.

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Adopting New Social Trends

Help you stay updated and incorporate trending social media features into your campaign.

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Iterative Analysis and Refinement

Monitor your existing social media campaign and test various approaches for better results.


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Yes, social media is highly effective when used strategically. It helps your business reach billions of users.

Yes, social media can be leveraged to give your brand higher visibility. Using built-in tools and techniques, experts can improve brand reach.

The choice depends on the type of business and audience. The most popular are Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Using captivating visuals and knowing what resonates with your audience helps. Post consistently and encourage engagement.

Yes, social media can generate high-quality leads for all types of businesses.

There are several KPIs, like engagement metrics, reach, impressions, followers, referral traffic, and ROI, to name a few.